ASI knows brightwork. With years providing polished brightwork for Gulfstream Aerospace’s finishing department, we bring to the table an array of exterior and interior metal polishing services.

Custom Requests. ASI has a passion to bring raw metal alloys to high polished finish. If you want to stand out, there’s nothing as eye catching as an aircraft that has uniquely customized brightwork. If there are parts or components that you wished were high polished instead of painted, we would be glad to make that happen. 

Metal polishing of buttons and latches. It may be time to bring the pop back to the appearance of your aircraft by getting all your buttons and latches repolished. 

Metal polishing of all leading edges. A high polished leading edge looks amazing, but the real need for polishing isn’t just for looks. Being that most leading edges are a bare metal alloy, if not properly taken care of, they’re exposed to a harsh environment, causing costly corrosion and damage. 

Xzilon application. Xzilon is approved by Boeing, Gulfstream, and Bombardier as a corrosion inhibitor for leading edges. It is recommended to be used every 6 months.